Saturday, January 28, 2012


This is probably what I will being doing today... This fine cold January day I am sitting here in my bed with a stuffy nose, NO motivation to get out of bed and I have a list a mile long of chores that I need to at some point get to before church tomarrow or by Monday.
But when I am sick the hubby is pretty good at spoiling me, so its a toss up.

Friday, January 27, 2012

So ready to stop being cold

As I am sitting here tying this I am actually serious whe i say I cant wait for the warm weather to get here. ENOUGH SAID!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Sunday, My Day, My Life

I look at my boys (and nina) and I cant believe how big and grown they are still going at right now. My Boys, Jesus, Thank You for my boys! My Aidan so full of love, so sweet at heart, so giving and so welcoming, making friends at the drop of a hat. I call him my "honest Abe" because lets face it we are raising him to be honest and at times it bits us in the foot 65 % of the time. Awww, my little pabby, my little chicken nugget, the nicknames go on and on!!! Look at the kiddster, posing with such character. I remember this day when Aidan wanted to do his own hair, I am not going to lie, but it bothered me when he wanted to do his own hair, I felt like he didnt need me anymore. And even though now I still have to, no I want to do your hair, I just cant let my boys grow up.

Look at him, my little pabster, sleeping so peacefully who knew that he even knew how to do that back in the day :). So little, so blonde, so calm, so cute!!! Goodness I miss those days. I will never be able to get them back. Boooo Hooooo seriously I miss them. And that pillow what in the world happened to that pillow?

need I say More? A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.!!

Then this picture, I just love this picture, I just love my Jesus! I love this New Church, I love this Pastor, I love going to church, I look forward to it on Sunday, Wednesday and I want to be more involved and Lord, guide me, Love Me, Forgive Me, and teach me. I love You Lord, and I will serve you, never will I leave you. Thank You for dieing on the cross for me. Everything I do Lord, I do it for you.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Rain, Rain, Dont go away

I woke up this morning to such a wonderful sound!!

Rain, Jesus knows how much I love the rain. I also love the reign that my Savior is in my life. Idon't want to start or end my day without him, after going through a dry spell for a while, I love that I am backin the same accord with Jesus.

I love to think ahead, as to when I get to see him face to feace and he gets to hold me and I get to hold him for reals, its not something I need to imagine but something I can always do. I have messed up so many times and there he is just waiting to hold me.

I can only imagine, that song is so true, I love that song, will I sinf halleluigh will I be able to sing at all? Would it be like meeting a celebrity or will be an "at Home: kind of feeling?

I want to do so much for Christ this year, for my family, for my life in my New Church, I Love, Love this church. I want a New family in a New Church I want to be involved and I cant wait to crack out of my shell and become amazed.. I love You my Jesus!! Thank You again for this beautiful day!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Psh, since August 2010, I hang my head in shame, I cant believe that was the last ost I did on my blog, it makes me sad that for nearly two years I wasted not posting memories but failed to facebook and was more active there. Just give me a sec. while I ust the the cobweds an blow all the dust out of the way. O.k. all is cleared and clean. Look at them handsome boys, I am one blessed mama you know that? I have a husband who is amazing, thats right now is the only word to best describe him......AMAZING!! Along with God, he blessed my life with these two wonderful, full of life I'm going to fight with my brother everyday boys. My little Aidan, you just want to inch those cheeks and Gabriel I just want to kiss that cute face all over!! At this very moment my Aidan is 9 an in the 3r grade thriving as ever witn nothing but A's and B's, and my littel"pabby" is in kindergarten 6 and hating every minute of it!! (LOL)

I daily Thank my God for not only forgiving me of my sins, but for giving me life again. I was near falling away but I am more regretful to say that I nearly did that then to have actually done anything stupid! God continues to give me chances and I make sure I take them, because my life isnt complete with out God. He's what I was raised on, hes who I turn to, hes who I thank daily for life and my abilties. Hes who I plead his name over when sickness or pain hits our home, hes who I call out to in my time of need, and never not once has my God faile me nd I know he never will. So in ending this, Thank You God, for being.....YOU!

Last Year and this year I have been wanting change, last year I changed by lossing a good chunk of weight, I am so still proud of my doing that, i want that to continue into this year, having a hard kick start but I know with Gods help I can do it. But this year I have started out with a bang for my bucks in couponing I love, love, love to coupon, my goal is to make my stock pile so big that I am able to help extending family I am even going to pop my collar on this and say I am started my own other blog about the wonderful world of couponing its got a mix of everything, from God all the way down to couponing!! Its still a work in progress, but I have big plans for it. And if it's gods will it will thrive and get readers.

And lastly i still have my assion of alwys wanting to be that Good Ol fashion wife and style. Being the keeper of the home has its perks, and its terks but I love it. The feeling to have a sparkling clean house at the end of my day spells success! Which as of right now i am tying this and I have a laundry basket begging to be empty and dusting and counter cleaning and some ironing, But Praise God any how everything I do Lord, i do it for you!!!

I am breaking out the posts on with the blog I go!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Gone but not cliche', yet so true

I feel compeled to put this here since I consider this my journal..via blog. What aheck of a month this has been.. This is "my popo"...the first man in my lie that was my hero...why the title hero? Because he rescued me, from a life that I Thank God everyday that I didnt have to contiue to ever live again.

He was a man of few words but to tell you the truth those few words were filled with truth, wisdom, and love.

I hope that I can keep everything he taught me in my life and heart to pass on to my kids.

But for now I continue to miss him with his sny comments and hus beautiful smile....

*kiss on the forehead*

Love and miss you my popo

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pretending...even as an Adult

When I was a little girl I had an imagination like no other, I had a little sister that I longed to play with and share a room with but in my crazy mixed up life that just wasn't going to happen. But now after what 18 years later I finally have the little sister I wanted all along....buts that's a different story for a different time. Back to my imagination....WOW I must admit it was one of a kind, and I have to admit I still got it, there are times I like to pretend that I once lived in the simple, fun, family easy life of the 1950's time, I have said it before and I will say it again I was so born in the wrong era. There are times that when it was just myself with the Lil Gabers I would put my apron on and be Joan Clever so to speak. I do my laundry in a fast paced movement with a smile strapped to my face, cookies baking away in the oven, the house spit shined and the towels so fluffy it makes me want to bounce on them.
I like to think/pretend that we have a tiny farm with my three chickens running around in the back yard, that I can someday build a barn in the back filled with more chickens and goats and Hay all over and a tired swing inside and the boys going out back to fetch me some morning eggs for breakfast or to do some baking from scratch.

I like to pretend that we don't have a care in the world, that money does in fact grow on trees and that a simple peck on the hubby's cheek will cover for the fact I didn't make dinner. I know its all a fantasy but hey its my fantasy and I like that I have a simple one and that even though I have shared a bit of this with you all that I still can pretend like I used to when I was 11. Something like an imagination is something that you will never loose, it's important to have as important as having a Dr. Pepper daily to me that is.